Tip of the day #001: Stop Making Excuses about Why you Cant!

Tip of the day #001: Stop Making Excuses about Why you Cant!

ZomboMeme27042016105923 27042016105923I don’t have the time…

I don’t have the money…

I’m not ready…

I still have to get all of this other stuff done first…


So you have come across an opportunity to make a change, that sounds like a good idea and definitely something that you know you need to do. What’s the first step you take?

Well in a perfect world we would just jump in and go for it! Ha, yeah right, this isn’t a perfect world. Before we can make a decision we will first compile a list of reasons why and why not.


  • It would be a great opportunity for me
  • It would change my life for the better
  • I would feel proud of my success once it is done

But, Why Not?

  • I don’t have time
  • I still have to get all of this other stuff out of the way first
  • I can’t do it today, and I don’t know when I am available
  • I don’t know if I can


So, let’s look at our list.

This opportunity will make us better, give us positive change, and give us a sense of self-accomplishment.

But hold on… let’s look at our reasons not to: no time, too much stuff going on, too busy, not enough self confidence.

SO what do we decide to do?

Well in a perfect world we go with the Whys, but just like so many times before, we are going to go with the Why Nots.

The Why Nots are the easiest solution to any problem. These excuses allow us to feel good about making continuous wrong decisions. Saying I don’t have time is easy, because in order to admit that I do in fact have time means I would have to actually put in the work to make time.

Nobody is busy 24 hours of every single day.

DO we have stuff going on? Always

Are there days when time really isn’t available? Sure

But everyday? No, stop lying to yourself.

If you want to workout, you don’t have to spend hours everyday doing it, but you can take at least 5 minutes to do a quick one. Or 15, or 20 or even an hour on some days. I’m not saying every day, but some days you CAN.

This goes with everything, not just getting fit.

If you want to get out of a dead end job or are wanting to make more money… spend some time every day (even 5 minutes) looking for a better opportunity or idea to do so.

You will not change in one day! Hell it may take you years to get where you need to be.

But I guarantee you this. If you continue making excuses for why you cant do something. You will never see change.


So unless you are completely 100% happy with where you are, STOP STOPPING YOURSELF FROM MOVING FORWARD!


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