My Thanksgiving Menu Favorites!

My Thanksgiving Menu Favorites!

I LOVE Thanksgiving!

Not only because I get to spend much needed quality time with my family, but because of the FOOD!

Thanksgiving is when I get to eat all of my favorite foods and go back for seconds without feeling any ounce of guilt. And I love to cook it too! There is nothing like planning out and executing a delicious Thanksgiving dinner, it’s just so rewarding.

This year, however, we will be a having a smaller Thanksgiving with only a few around the table. But no worries, I’m still cooking like it will be a full house (uh hello… leftovers!)

Before I begin sharing my menu with you, I have to remind you that I am pretty lazy when it comes to certain things. I may love to cook but I do not like things to be complicated in the Kitchen, so the way I cook things is pretty simple and easy to do. Which is necessary when preparing such a  large meal on your own.

Anyways, here is what Thanksgiving in my house looks like!

The Turkey!

Image result for thanksgiving turkey

Of course we have the Turkey. I have never known a Thanksgiving dinner to not have a turkey. Hell, there are many years when my family makes two (one roasted and one deep fried).

I keep it pretty simple when I make my turkey. I usually buy the Creole Butter Injector like this one here, found at Walmart. I just follow the instructions on the label and voila there is a beautiful turkey.

But I have a confession, I actually don’t eat the Turkey on the Thanksgiving, Ever!

My Entrée of choice is the Ham!

The Spiral Glazed Ham!

Image result for spiral glazed ham

Now this beauty right here! This is my thing. I LOVE spiral ham. I make a ham for every major holiday, just because.

And the best thing about making a ham for Thanksgiving, is the leftover ham I use for Breakfast the next day!

If it weren’t for my Turkey loving Husband, I probably wouldn’t even bother with the Turkey this year, but he loves his leftover turkey sandwiches.

The Side Dishes

Now let’s talk about the side dishes, my favorite part! Every year, I make the same side dishes for the Holidays (Thanksgiving and Christmas).

Here are my favorites…

Macaroni and Cheese

Image result for velveeta mac and cheese

Ingredients I use: Velveeta, Elbow Macaroni, Butter, Milk, Heavy Whipping Cream.

Green Bean Casserole


Image result for campbells green bean casserole

Ingredients I use: Canned Green Beans, Mushroom Soup, Milk, Cheddar Cheese, French’s Fried Onions

Mashed Potatoes

Image result for mashed potatoes

Ingredients I use: Russet Potatoes, Butter, Heavy Cream, Milk

Broccoli Casserole

Image result for Broccoli casserole

Ingredients I use: Broccoli Florets (frozen), Cheddar Cheese, Mushroom Soup, Ritz Crackers

Deviled Eggs

Image result for deviled eggs

Ingredients I use: Dozen Eggs, Miracle Whip, Relish, Mustard, Smoked Paprika


Oh the PIES.. oh how I love you so! I usually buy all of my pies at the store. I still have not actually made a pie on my own… maybe someone can share their recipes with me…

Pumpkin Pie

Image result for pumpkin pi

With some whipped cream, please!

Pecan Pie

Image result for pecan pie

I have literally watched my brother eat an entire one of these at around Midnight after Thanksgiving dinner!

Caramel Pie

Image result for caramel pie

Ok, so I do not typically eat Caramel Pie, but my Sister-in-law makes it, and it is absolutely delicious! I suggest trying it at least once in your life, you will not be sorry!

Other Must Haves

Here are a few things we always have outside of the side dishes.

Brown Gravy

Image result for brown gravy


I usually buy the Brown Gravy seasoning mix, and make it over the stove. It goes great with the Turkey and the Mashed Potatoes


Image result for schubert's rolls

These are the rolls I buy to bake in the oven, because every Thanksgiving needs rolls.

Cranberry Sauce

Image result for cranberry sauce

I am not a fan of Cranberry Sauce, but my family really likes this one. I still want to try making cranberries this year.




So there you have it, That’s my Thanksgiving Menu…

What are you having for Thanksgiving?





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